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My name is Jon Simcoe. I have been investing in real estate since 2005. In the beginning, I used my own money, and learned a lot of lessons. Today, I regularly do real estate deals using none of my own money. I've learned how to own or control over $32,000,000 worth of real estate and so can you.

This training portal has been designed to teach you both technical strategies and the people side of doing real estate deals.

Take a FREE test drive with the "Simple 5 Steps Rent To Own Training." This was the first real estate strategy that allowed me to approach money partners for my deals. If you are already investing in real estate, or are thinking about getting started, this hour and a half long course is for you. 


All the basics needed to learn about the powerful RRSP Mortgage lending strategy.
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RRSPs Into Real Estate - Ultimate Safe and Secure Growth

For the person who wants to grow their RRSPs in other people's deals and understand every rule and regulation. Learn what to look for in real estate deals so you can grow your RRSP account safely, and predictably. What are the roles of each person in the transaction. Learn to grow your own account in great detail so you have a secure and predictable retirement that's above average.
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For Real Estate Investors who want to work with other people's RRSPs for your deals! Inside the complete course you will find the EXACT SCRIPT and DEAL PITCH TEMPLATES so you can be confident and professional when you site down with your prospect. Learn how to apply this powerful financing ability to any real estate strategy today. Included with the course is a 78 page WORKBOOK so you can take notes and get the most from the exercises. Part 1: RRSP Growth In Real Estate: Safe and Secure Returns Made Easy Pros and Cons, RRSP Rules, Who can do it, Repayment Structure, Security (the important property detail) Deal Structure, Team members and their responsibilities, Cash vs RRSP Part 2: How You Can Use Someone Else's RRSP To Grow Your Portfolio The ULTIMATE Financing Strategy Deal Strategy Fundamentals 3 Main Financing Structures. Real Deal #1: Buy and Hold How You Can Do It Real Deal #2: Cashflow (Canadian Real Estate Wealth Aug 2017 Cover Story Deal) Creative Terms and Conditions Rent To Own With RRSPs: The Simcoe Maneuver Achieve More With Fewer Deals Part 3: More Deals Now - Creative Uses of Private Mortgages In Real Deals MAGIC Money Deal #3: Recycling The Down Payment Deal #4: Rent To Own Profits Now Deal #5: Mega Cashflow: with THE SIMCOE MANEUVER Deal #6: Infinite Returns and Net Worth Booster Deal #7: The Social Capitalist Deal #8: Condo Flip with 100% Financing Deal #9: Rent To Own Exit On Time Exercises So You Can Close More Deals. Practice Makes A Perfect Pitch Your 30 Second RRSP Commercial Who To Target Where To Meet What To Prepare THE STRAIGHT LINE to getting a 'YES' Exact scripts and templates to conduct your 'coffee pitch' with confidence and ease. Avoiding a MAYBE. Simple PITCH So Your Prospect Understands Your Deal Objection Handling and Closing Your Deal Information You Will Need To Send To The Lawyer BONUS CONTENT: Downloadable MP3 files of the "RRSP Into Real Estate" audio (normally $30 each) Share it with your potential RRSP lenders Educate them so when you meet for coffee, you have an easy presentation. Start getting "YESES" for all your financing needs so you can focus on doing more deals now Get the complete course so you can start doing deals, or make your existing deals better with creative use of private financing now!
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FREE Rent To Own Training

Learn everything you need to know about how to structure a rent to own deal from start to finish

BEST SELLING Rent To Own - How To Create Win-Win-Win Outcomes

Rent To Own - How To Create WIN-WIN-WIN Outcomes For Your Home-Owners In Training, Your Money Partners And You is the complete full course designed to train you in how to set up successful rent to own real estate deals.  Included in the course are 7 video modules, contracts, marketing templates, support calls, action assignments and more. Module 1: Getting Started -Why Rent to Own -Tools You Will Need -Your Team   Module 2: Marketing Online/Offline -Business cards -Pull tab signs -Folded cards -Vehicle Signage -Phone Systems   Module 3: Pre-Screening Applicants -Application Form Example -Grading A,B,C applicants -What to send A applicants -What to send B applicants -Presentation to A applicants (role play)   Module 4: Crunching The Numbers and Contracts -Your costs -Their costs -Contracts (Weapons of Mass Destruction/Construction) -Legal Waiver, Option to Purchase, Lease, My Secret Sauce   Module 5: House Shopping and Offers -Private Seller -With Realtor -Know Your Market -Have a Plan B -Home Inspection   Module 6: Sandwich Leases -What properties to look for: vacant, out of town owner, owner debt relief etc. -Email campaign to FSBO -
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Deal Flow Newsletter

By getting this FREE marketing tool, you are agreeing to receive Deal Flow Monthly , a once a month newsletter with the latest real estate strategies, market tips, mortgage rule updates and how to navigate them. This marketing strategy will get private sellers to contact you so you can negotiate face to face for a better deal. Find properties BEFORE they hit the market is key to doing GREAT deals. Sell the leads you do not want to other deal makers and realtors for cash now. Happy Property Hunting!

Finding and Working With Joint Venture Partners

Learn everything you need to know to begin joint venture partnering with other people's money and credit so you can raise the capital to take your real estate investing to the next level. Includes the joint venture agreement that will save you thousands of dollars of lawyer costs, and allow you to scale your real estate investing business. Step by step video explanation How to structure deals - and why 50/50 won't work How to dress 3 Types of money partners Special account set up details  Navigating the mortgage lending landscape (13:08) Your perfect money pitch (20:552) Structuring the deal 2 Ways out of the deal Your resignation letter (if you still have a job, you won't need one after this) The joint venture agreement that has raised millions Learn to partner with as many people as you want to expand your real estate empire now.
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1 on 1 Coaching

Get coaching 1 on 1 with Jon Simcoe from start to finish on one of your deals! That's right! Jon Simcoe will coach you personally to take your deal from the very beginning to the end (profits). Draw upon Jon's network. Finance any property. Raise capital from your own network with ease. And more. Most residential real estate strategies are perfect, such as: flip, rent to own, buy and hold, RRSP financing, how to raise capital, options to purchase, and agreements for sale. Price is subject to change, based on the scope of coaching. Non coachable people need not apply. Bring a positive attitude, and make deals where everyone wins! Most deals will require a weekly call or more plus follow up as your deal progresses. Ensure you will be successful by having someone who has done it before lead the way. Your profits from your deal are yours to keep.
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The Rent To Own Solution To Home Ownership

Amazon Best Seller by Jon Simcoe and Dave Dubeau The 9 BIGGEST Reasons to Own Your Home Instead of Renting Reason #1 Real Estate Appreciates in Value Over the Long Term Reason #2 Pride and Satisfaction of HomeOwnership Reason #3 Increasing Equity Is Like a ‘Forced’ Savings Plan Reason #4 You Can Borrow Against Your Home Equity in an Emergency Reason #5 A Home Is a Leveraged Investment Using Other People’s Money. Reason #6 Borrowing Power! Reason #7 Home Ownership Can Help You to Retire Comfortably Reason #8 Alternative To Owning Your Own Home Is to Pay Rent, Which Does Nothing to Improve Your Finances Reason#9 Your Home Can Be a Money Maker!  So You Don’t Qualify For a Mortgage - What Are Your Options?  Option#1 You Can Give Up and Keep Renting Option #2 You Can Work To Fix Your Credit and Save Up for a Down Payment (Also Known As  the “D.I.Y. Method”) Option #3 You Can Try To Do a ‘Creative’ Home Purchase Deal on Your Own Option #4 You Can “Rent to Own” Your Dream Home NOW! Two Main Types of Rent to Own Traditional Rent-to-Own Approach Client First Rent-to-Own Method 8 Steps to Rent-to-Own Success Step#1 Having Realistic Expectations Step #2 Fill Out the Rent-to-Own Application Step #3 Have a Meeting in Person Step #4 House Shopping! Choose Your New Home! Step #5 Cover Your Ass...ets Step #6 Paying In Your Down Payment in Instalments Step #7 Qualifying for Financing Step#8 Buying the Home! The Rent to Own Solution to Home Ownership v  Common Rent to Own Mistakes, Challenges, and Traps (And How to Avoid em) Rent to Own Mistake #1: Scumbag Landlords Rent to Own Mistake #2: Agreeing to Buy an Inadequate House Rent to Own Mistake #3: Unprofessional and Incomplete Paperwork Rent to Own Mistake #4: A Rushed Deal Rent to Own Mistake #5: Working with Mediocre Rent- to-Own Companies Rent to Own Mistake #6: Not Understanding Your Cur-rent Situation and Where You Are Starting From Rent to Own Mistake #7: Working With an Out of Town Rent-to-Own Company Rent to Own Mistake #8: Not Working With a Complete Rent-to-Own Rent to Own Mistake #9: Not Having a Road Map or a Plan And more. Download the book now.
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