BEST SELLING Rent To Own - How To Create Win-Win-Win Outcomes by Jon Simcoe

BEST SELLING Rent To Own - How To Create Win-Win-Win Outcomes

Everything you need to set up a profitable rent to own business including tenant-buyer screening support.


Rent To Own - How To Create WIN-WIN-WIN Outcomes For Your Home-Owners In Training, Your Money Partners And You is the complete full course designed to train you in how to set up successful rent to own real estate deals. 

Included in the course are 7 video modules, contracts, marketing templates, support calls, action assignments and more.

Module 1: Getting Started
-Why Rent to Own
-Tools You Will Need
-Your Team
Module 2: Marketing Online/Offline
-Business cards
-Pull tab signs
-Folded cards
-Vehicle Signage
-Phone Systems
Module 3: Pre-Screening Applicants
-Application Form Example
-Grading A,B,C applicants
-What to send A applicants
-What to send B applicants
-Presentation to A applicants (role play)
Module 4: Crunching The Numbers and Contracts
-Your costs
-Their costs
-Contracts (Weapons of Mass Destruction/Construction)
-Legal Waver, Option to Purchase, Lease, My Secret Sauce
Module 5: House Shopping and Offers
-Private Seller
-With Realtor
-Know Your Market
-Have a Plan B
-Home Inspection
Module 6: Sandwitch Leases
-What properties to look for: vacant, owner out of town, owner debt relief etc.
-Email campaign to FSBO

What's included?

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Module 1: Getting Started
Getting Started
20 mins
Ask An Accountant Interview
7 mins
Homework: Tools, Your Team, Action Assignments
126 KB
Module 2: Marketing Online/Offline
Marketing Online/Offline
26 mins
Module 2: Marketing Instructions
11.3 MB
NEW Custom 6 Step Explained Video
3 mins
Rent to Own Application Form
89 KB
Sample Money Partner Business Card Inside
1.11 MB
Sample Rent To Own Card Inside
1.08 MB
Sample Folded Rent To Own Card Outside
770 KB
Template Folded Business Card Inside
1.08 MB
Template Folded Business Card Outside
1.14 MB
Sample Magnet
19.6 KB
Template Car Magnet
2.29 MB
Sample Pull Tab Marketing
4.5 MB
Sample Pull Tab Marketing 2
4.97 MB
Copy and Paste Rent to Own Ad Write Ups
30.4 KB
Facebook Ad - Renting Blows
1 MB
Facebook Ad - Renting Blows 2
930 KB
Facebook Ad - Renting Blows 3
781 KB
R20 video for sale.mp4
3 mins
Module 3: Pre-Screening Applicants
Tom and Sally Application and Workbook
4.51 MB
Pre-Screening Applicants
44 mins
Intent to Occupy Form
27.3 KB
Accepted Letter
28.6 KB
Declined Letter
26.9 KB
Declined Letter 2
27.3 KB
Module 4: Making It Legal
Crunching The Numbers and Contracts
14 mins
Making It Legal
140 KB
Rental Lease Agreement
95.7 KB
Option To Purchase Agreement
81.4 KB
Client Credit Repair Waiver
73.6 KB
Waiver of Legal Advice
21.5 KB
Home Repair Contract
43.7 KB
24.5 KB
Module 5: House Shopping and Offers
Buying The House, Credit Coaching, And Closing The Deal
32 mins
Buying The Home And Finishing The Deal
166 KB
Real Estate Purchase Contract
151 KB
Module 6: Sandwich Leases
No Money Needed Rent To Own Real Estate Deals
31 mins
NEW Seller Service Agreement
487 KB
NEW Attract Motivated Sellers With This Rent To Own Video
4 mins
NEW Magic Home Seller Presentation To Get Results
22 mins
NEW Sell Your Home Questionnaire
357 KB
Email Templates To For Sale By Owners
73.4 KB
NEW Selling As Rent To Own To Boost Your Retirement
35.5 KB
Option To Purchase - with Tenant And Home Owner Agreement
81.6 KB
Your Resignation Letter
53.3 KB
Thunder Bay Radio Interview
28 mins
Rent To Own 6 Steps Explained [SHORT]
1 min
How Everyone Wins With Rent To Own
2 mins
Who Is Rent To Own For Marketing Video
3 mins
Educating Rent To Own Applicants
2 mins
Should I quit my job to build a rent to own company?
7 mins
3 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Started
5 mins
How to find the best real estate deals
9 mins
Business Cards For Real Estate Investors
7 mins
How You Should Dress As A Real Estate Investor
14 mins
How To Meet Money Partners
7 mins
Your Money Partner Perfect Pitch
8 mins