Finding and Working With Joint Venture Partners by Jon Simcoe

Finding and Working With Joint Venture Partners

Learn how to finance as many real estate deals as you can find. No longer will a lack of funds hold you back from doing your deals.


Learn everything you need to know to begin joint venture partnering with other people's money and credit so you can raise the capital to take your real estate investing to the next level. Includes the joint venture agreement that will save you thousands of dollars of lawyer costs, and allow you to scale your real estate investing business.

Step by step video explanation

  • How to structure deals - and why 50/50 won't work
  • How to dress
  • 3 Types of money partners
  • Special account set up details 
  • Navigating the mortgage lending landscape (13:08)
  • Your perfect money pitch (20:552)
  • Structuring the deal
  • 2 Ways out of the deal
  • Your resignation letter (if you still have a job, you won't need one after this)
  • The joint venture agreement that has raised millions

Learn to partner with as many people as you want to expand your real estate empire now.

What's included?

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Mortgages and Money Partners
52 mins
Raising Capital Joint Venture Agreement
98.9 KB
Your Resignation Letter
53.3 KB