How Rent To Own Works Custom 6 Step Explained Video by Jon Simcoe

How Rent To Own Works Custom 6 Step Explained Video

Get Applications from people who understand your rent to own program with the "6 Steps Explained Custom Video"


Are you in the rent-to-own business and are sick and tired of explaining how your program works? Potential rent to own candidates could be turned off from your website from lots of text. You need a video explanation!

After purchasing this product, you will receive the script for the video. You can make any changes you want to the script, pick the type of professional voice actor you want used.

Send your logo, and the finished script back, and your custom video will be created in 2-3 weeks. Each video is animated by a professional. 
From start to finish, your video will have a unique look. No two videos are the same.

Order your custom video now, so you can start using it on your webpage, and start getting higher quality applications to your rent to own program.

What's included

Video Icon 6 videos File Icon 2 files


3 mins
6 Steps Explained Diagram
130 KB
The Ultimate Rent To Own Video Explainer Script
64.8 KB
Real Deal Opportunities BUY
4 mins
Real Deal Opportunities - SELL
4 mins
Lion Properties - BUY
3 mins
Lion Properties - SELL
4 mins
Street Smart Diva - Why Rent To Own
4 mins


When can I expect my custom video to be ready?

Normally 2-3 weeks after you submit the script.

Why has the price changed?

The product is not marked up. The graphic artist is charging more, but her results and quality are worth it. As a result, the price had to cover the costs of making the videos.

I'm worried my video will look and sound the same as other custom videos, and I want to stand out.

Each video has a different professional voice actor. Each video is unique. The animator re-creates the entire video from scratch. The people, images, and scenes are different every time.
You can make any changes to the script to further make your video your own.