MOST POPULAR RRSPs Into Real Estate by Jon Simcoe


Everything you need to know about private mortgage lending through tax-free Registered accounts.


Jon Simcoe interviews Paul Blacquiere how to safely use your RRSP to earn above average returns through real estate, with little to no risk.

BONUS #1 - 20 minute video included with purchase. 

GUARANTEE: You will be able to make far more than the cost of this audio recording simply by using the strategy that no bank wants you to know about.

What's included?

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Audio Interview of Paul Blacquière
RRSP Into Real Estate (Download)
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RRSP Into Real Estate-Cover
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Video Presentation
RRSP Into Real Estate - Deal Structure
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RRSP Presentation
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RRSP Mortgage - From Failure To Success
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