DEAL MAKER EDITION - RRSPs Into Real Estate by Jon Simcoe


A How To Guide To Finding and Working With Other People's RRSPs For Your Real Estate Deals


Inside the complete course you will find the EXACT SCRIPT and DEAL PITCH TEMPLATES so you can be confident and professional when you site down with your prospect. Learn how to apply this powerful financing ability to any real estate strategy today.

Included with the course is a 78 page WORKBOOK so you can take notes and get the most from the exercises.

Part 1: RRSP Growth In Real Estate: Safe and Secure Returns Made Easy
  • Pros and Cons
  • RRSP Rules
  • Who can do it
  • Repayment Structure
  • Security (the important property detail)
  • Deal Structure
  • Team members and their responsibilities
  • Cash vs RRSP

Part 2: How You Can Use Someone Else's RRSP To Grow Your Portfolio
  • The ULTIMATE Financing Strategy
  • Deal Strategy Fundamenals
  • 3 Main Financing Structures
  • Real Deal #1: Buy and Hold
  • How You Can Do It
  • Real Deal #2: Cashflow (Canadian Real Estate Wealth Aug 2017 Cover Story Deal)
  • Creative Terms and Conditions
  • Rent To Own With RRSPs: The Simcoe Maneuver
  • Achieve More With Fewer Deals

Part 3: More Deals Now - Creative Uses of Private Mortgages In Real Deals
  • MAGIC Money
  • Deal #3: Recycling The Down Payment
  • Deal #4: Rent To Own Profits Now
  • Deal #5: Mega Cashflow: with THE SIMCOE MANEUVER
  • Deal #6: Infinite Returns and Net Worth Booster
  • Deal #7: The Social Capitalist
  • Deal #8: Condo Flip with 100% Financing
  • Deal #9: Rent To Own Exit On Time

Exercises So You Can Close More Deals
  • Practice Makes A Perfect Pitch
  • Your 30 Second RRSP Commercial
  • Who To Target
  • Where To Meet
  • What To Prepare
  • THE STRAIGHT LINE to getting a 'YES'
  • Exact scripts and templates to conduct your 'coffee pitch' with confidence and ease
  • Avoiding a MAYBE
  • Simple PITCH So Your Prospect Understands Your Deal
  • Objection Handling and Closing Your Deal
  • Information You Will Need To Send To The Lawyer

  • Downloadable MP3 files of the "RRSP Into Real Estate" audio (normally $30 each)
  • Share it with your potential RRSP lenders
  • Educate them so when you meet for coffee, you have an easy presentation
  • Start getting "YESES" for all your financing needs so you can focus on doing more deals now

Get the complete course so you can start doing deals, or make your existing deals better with creative use of private financing now!

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos File Icon 15 files


Raising Pension Money and Doing More Deals
2 MB
How To Lend
RRSP Growth in Real Estate
729 KB
Workbook for Lending RRSPs
3.74 MB
RRSP Growth in Real Estate - Part 1
27 mins
RRSP Growth in Real Estate - Part 2
25 mins
RRSP Growth in Real Estate - Part 3
25 mins
RRSP Growth in Real Estate - Part 4
15 mins
Deal Structure
4 mins
Lending (high resolution)
3.77 MB
How To Lend Presentation You Can Use
20 mins
How To Borrow
How You Can Use Someone Else's RRSP To Grow Your Portfolio
812 KB
Workbook for Borrowing RRSPs
22.4 MB
Borrowing Slides (high resolution)
22.4 MB
Jon Simcoe - Part 02 - Aa.mp4.mp4
15 mins
Jon Simcoe - Part 02 - Bb.mp4
18 mins
Jon Simcoe - Part 02 - Cc.mp4
31 mins
Jon Simcoe - Part 02 - Dd.mp4
10 mins
Practical Exercises and Deal Pitch Script
Exercises So You Can Close More Deals
978 KB
Workbook Exercises and Scripts
6.66 MB
Straight Line To A Deal - Coffee Meetings
44 mins
Straight Line To A Deal - Closing
(1h 03m 33s)
Practical Exercises Slides (high resolution)
6.66 MB
Napkin Sketch - Recycle Down Payment
571 KB
RRSP Into Real Estate Prospecting Tool
60.3 MB
Your Perfect Deal Pitch
5 mins
More Deals Now
More Deals Now
786 KB
Workbook More Deals Now
43.5 MB
More Deals Now Slides (high resolution)
43.5 MB
Deal #3 and #4
16 mins
"The Simcoe Maneuver" Deal #5 and #6
16 mins
Deal #7, #8, and #9
23 mins
Business Cards For Real Estate Investors
7 mins
How Should You Dress As a Real Estate Investor
14 mins
The Best Place To Meet Money Partners
7 mins
Coffee Pitch To Money Partners
8 mins
KISS Pitch Method
9 mins
How To Find The Best Real Estate Deals
9 mins


What is a "coffee meeting"?

A "coffee meeting" is where you sit down with your prospective RRSP lender to go over the details of your deal. A breakdown of exactly what to say is part of the course, so you can actually get someone to partner with you.

Who is this course for?

It's for real estate deal makers who want to work with other people's RRSP funds for their deals.