The Rent To Own Solution To Home Ownership by Jon Simcoe

The Rent To Own Solution To Home Ownership

For good people who have been turned down for a mortgage by the big banks and mortgage companies


Amazon Best Seller by Jon Simcoe and Dave Dubeau

The 9 BIGGEST Reasons to Own Your Home Instead of Renting

Reason #1 Real Estate Appreciates in Value Over the Long Term
Reason #2 Pride and Satisfaction of HomeOwnership
Reason #3 Increasing Equity Is Like a ‘Forced’ Savings Plan
Reason #4 You Can Borrow Against Your Home Equity in an Emergency
Reason #5 A Home Is a Leveraged Investment Using Other People’s Money.
Reason #6 Borrowing Power!
Reason #7 Home Ownership Can Help You to Retire Comfortably
Reason #8 Alternative To Owning Your Own Home Is to Pay Rent, Which Does Nothing to Improve Your Finances
Reason#9 Your Home Can Be a Money Maker! 

So You Don’t Qualify For a Mortgage - What Are Your Options? 
Option#1 You Can Give Up and Keep Renting
Option #2 You Can Work To Fix Your Credit and Save Up for a Down Payment (Also Known As
 the “D.I.Y. Method”)
Option #3 You Can Try To Do a ‘Creative’ Home Purchase Deal on Your Own
Option #4 You Can “Rent to Own” Your Dream Home NOW!

Two Main Types of Rent to Own
Traditional Rent-to-Own Approach
Client First Rent-to-Own Method

8 Steps to Rent-to-Own Success
Step#1 Having Realistic Expectations
Step #2 Fill Out the Rent-to-Own Application
Step #3 Have a Meeting in Person
Step #4 House Shopping! Choose Your New Home!
Step #5 Cover Your Ass...ets
Step #6 Paying In Your Down Payment in Instalments
Step #7 Qualifying for Financing
Step#8 Buying the Home!
The Rent to Own Solution to Home Ownership v 

Common Rent to Own Mistakes, Challenges, and Traps (And How to Avoid em)
Rent to Own Mistake #1: Scumbag Landlords
Rent to Own Mistake #2: Agreeing to Buy an Inadequate House
Rent to Own Mistake #3: Unprofessional and Incomplete Paperwork
Rent to Own Mistake #4: A Rushed Deal
Rent to Own Mistake #5: Working with Mediocre Rent- to-Own Companies
Rent to Own Mistake #6: Not Understanding Your Cur-rent Situation and Where You Are Starting From
Rent to Own Mistake #7: Working With an Out of Town Rent-to-Own Company
Rent to Own Mistake #8: Not Working With a Complete Rent-to-Own
Rent to Own Mistake #9: Not Having a Road Map or a Plan

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